The History of House presents: The Complete Collection

Over 40 hours on one USB (FAT32)

High Quality mp3's (320kbps)

Track marked.

Formatted to work on most PCs and in car USB entertainment systems.


History of House Vol. 1 (CD1, CD2, CD3)

History of House Vol. 2 (CD1, CD2, CD3)

History of House Vol. 3 (CD1, CD2, CD3)

History of House Vol. 4 (CD1, CD2, CD3)

History of House - Summer of Love

History of House - 1991

History of House - MDMA

Muz!k Events: 90’s Warehouse Rave Live (Steve Luigi, Rob Tissera, Marc Landish, Mark Wilson)

Love To Be... 25th Birthday Party Live (Allistair Whitehead, Tony Walker, Tom Wainwright, Marc Dennis)

Boilerhouse presents: Back2SchoolStreet - mixed by Phat Fingerz (CD1, CD2, CD3)

Casa Loco presents: Sydney Street Vs Lady Lane Live: Marc Leaf, Rob Tissera, Nev Wright, Shaun Banger Scott(CD1, CD2)

Bibby’s - Guaranteed Piano (CD1, CD2, CD3)

Lingards: 20 Years On! (CD1, CD2, CD3)

The History of House - Complete Collection USB



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